By joining our Refill Programme you are accepting the following terms:

1) Cylinders will be delivered to you at the agreed charge specified at the time or purchase 

2) Cylinders must be kept in good condition and must only be used in Home Soda Makers

3) Cylinders must not be tampered with or altered in any way

3) We reserve the right to reclaim our cylinders from you (at our cost) at anytime of our choosing. Where possible we will give you 1 weeks notice if we intend to reclaim our cylinders from you

4) Cylinders cannot be retained by you for more than 1 calendar year from date of Programme starting unless you agree this with us by email

5) If you wish to cancel the Refill Programme you must allow us to collect our cylinders within 21 days. Failure to allow us to collect our cylinders or refusal allows us the right to charge the full RRP of each cylinder to your account. This will be handled by our Collections Agency and could affect your credit rating if you do not pay. We will always allow a 21 day period for collections and we will make at least 3 attempts to contact you by email/phone prior to passing the information to our Collections Agency for recovery. It is never our intention nor our wish to use this process and we will work hard to make contact with you before taking this action.


You are welcome to make changes, pause or cancel your Refill Programme at any time to suit your needs. If you choose to cancel the Programme you must allow us to collect our Cylinders from you within 21 days of cancellation. If you pause we may reach out to you to arrange collection of our cylinders from you.