CO2 YOU - The Story


When the first lockdown happened, everything changed. My business (like so many others) had been badly affected by Covid-19 and I was looking for a new opportunity. 

Rummaging through the attic I found a soda maker from my childhood. This brought back many memories and it re-ignited my love of making sparkling water at home. Why would anybody buy bottles from the supermarket? They are expensive, heavy and single use plastic is terrible for the environment. I was hooked!

However, when it came to getting hold of the gas cylinders I ran into problems. They are surprisingly hard to find. Hoping to solve this problem, I joined a sparkle soda-plan. Unfortunately the service was clunky and the plan meant carrying heavy cylinders back to a Collect+ Location or exchanging them in store (often unsuccessfully), not to mention the deposits held on our account. There had to be a better way to do this and the idea for CO2 YOU was born.

THE REFILL PROGRAMME: This is our new Cylinder Leasing Service. Just let us know when you're empty and we deliver more gas the next day, swapping our empty cylinders for new so that you NEVER RUN OUT OF GAS

We're building a community of people who want to make greener changes to their lives and so if that's you then join us!

If you want to get in touch with us you're welcome to drop us a line anytime at or call us on 0203 026 5698.

Marcus, Founder of CO2 YOU


CO2 YOU is an AuthenTech Company. This means we stand for Community over Audience, Intention over Attention and Value over Profit.